Fresh Fandoms: Omar Rudberg, Gareth, Hudson Westbrook, & More

Fresh Fandom's spotlight is beaming brightly this week on eight standout musicians who have captured our hearts and ears.

by Trevor Justin - Jul 10 2024

Introducing Fresh Fandoms: a captivating series poised to reveal the emerging stars and newest releases that ignite passionate followings. Whether uncovering exceptional talent on the verge of stardom or celebrating the fervor of growing fanbases, Fresh Fandoms invites you on a mesmerizing journey through the ever-evolving realm of entertainment.

With an avalanche of new creations flooding the scene each week, both from established icons and promising newcomers, our new Fandom Daily series serves as a beacon – shining a spotlight on the most enthralling talents and releases. 

"Don't Miss" - Carson Wallace

Emerging country singer-songwriter Carson Wallace has been grinding his way throughout Nashville, TN for the past two years. As a recent singie to publishing company, Relative Music Group, Wallace recently released his newest single "Don't Miss." A track infused with country twang and unique songwriting, the new track instantly makes for a standout track in Wallace's unique growing catolog.

"Hearts & Horses" - Dawson Anderson

As his debut solo single, Dawson Anderson delivers a powerful and memorable performance with "Hearts & Horses." The track showcases a unique grit and raw authenticity that only Anderson can provide with each note. His distinctive voice blends emotion and strength, perfectly capturing the song's essence. 

"Two Way Drive" - Hudson Westbrook

Hailing from Texas, emerging singer-songwriter Hudson Westbrook is quickly making a name throughout the scene. Most recently, the breakthrough act released his track "Two Way Drive," which has earned half a million streams on Spotify alone since the release. As the song progresses, Westbrook sings, "You're too far, I'm at an empty bar / And I swore that I saw your car / I could drive those white lines / And tell you what's been on my mind / Lubbock to Fort Worth is a two-way drive /And you ain't mine.

"What You Don't Know" - Gareth

Breakthrough country singer-songwriter Gareth captures this sentiment perfectly in his brand-new song, "What You Don't Know." In this heartfelt track, he reflects on his journey, contemplating how he arrived and the immense effort he's put into seizing every moment. With soulful vocals and poignant lyrics, the song delves into themes of self-discovery and perseverance. The melody, infused with acoustic and country elements, complements Gareth's introspective storytelling, making "What You Don't Know" a deeply resonant and emotionally compelling piece.

"American Made" - Leah Turner

With the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar and Leah Turner's distinctive vocal prowess, "American Made" is a semi-autobiographical song that bridges her American upbringing and Hispanic heritage. Co-written by Turner and Skip Black and produced by Alejandro Medina III, the track reflects Turner's own life story. It's a heartfelt celebration of diversity and the American spirit, encapsulating the essence of what it means to be truly "American Made."

"Talk" - Omar Rudberg

Young Royals breakout star Omar Rudberg is the queer pop star we've been waiting for. His latest single, "Talk," is a vibrant, danceable track that exudes a nostalgic 2000s pop vibe while feeling fresh and contemporary. The song features catchy hooks, infectious beats, and Rudberg's smooth, expressive vocals that draw listeners in from the first note. Accompanied by dynamic choreography and a series of eye-catching looks in the music video, "Talk" is a visual and auditory feast. The upbeat tempo and polished production make it a perfect anthem for the dance floor, ensuring fans remain hooked with each new release.

"Nothin' But Neon" - Taylor Holder

Tayler Holder, the most-followed country music artist on TikTok, has returned with a fresh twist on the genre with his new country trap single, "Nothin' But Neon." Holder commented in a press release about the single: “I wrote ‘Nothin’ But Neon’ with Jared Keim and Travis Wood and we dove deep into what it feels like when guys go through a breakup,” Holder says. “What we discovered was a lot of us cope in the wrong ways with distraction.  This song follows what some of us do when following those bad distractions to try to process heartache! Hope this song will be an anthem this summer for anyone going through a breakup.”

"Heart Like This" - Vincent Mason

One of the most thrilling new voices in country music, Vincent Mason, is back with another stellar track, "Heart Like This." Renowned for his captivating and introspective songs, the young star demonstrates that he is far from a viral one-hit-wonder. Mason has a unique talent for transforming everyday experiences like heartache into fresh, compelling stories.

Photo Credit: Hudson Westbrook on Facebook

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