New Music Friday: Olivia Rodrigo, Sierra Ferrell, Lily Rose, Hozier, Maggie Rogers, and More

This week has it all - from country, to bluegrass, to uplifting gospel. Fandom Daily's NMF is hotter than ever, so jump in below.

by Gabbi Calvert - Mar 25 2024

We're back at it again here at Fandom Daily with another amazing New Music Friday. This week at Fandom Daily, we have it all — from Sierra Ferrell’s highly anticipated Trail Of Flowers LP to Hozier and Allison Russell’s new collab and a fierce new track from Olivia Rodrigo, your playlist is about to level up big time.

"Got 2 Me" - TANSU

"Got 2 Me" is a stunning soulful ballad from TANSU's new EP The City. The EP encompasses the artist's ability to cross genres while still maintaining a signature sound, something not all musicians can do. TANSU pulls it off flawlessly in this new project and on "Got 2 Me."

"True North" / "Parking Lot" - Lily Rose

Lily Rose prefaces her new project with singles "True North" as well as "Parking Lot." Both singles are evocative of Rose's sound we know and love, while keeping a modern and fresh country approach. As always, Rose's songwriting skills are out of the park, and her vocal delivery is fantastic.

"Long Time Coming" - Cory Singer

Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Frank Sinatra, the track blossoms with elements of gospel and piano, coupled with his vocal prowess, aiming for an epic and soul-stirring sound. “I was very fixated on Frank Sinatra at that time, and the two songs that inspired me were “That's Life” and ‘My Way.” I knew that this song was gonna be epic. Plus, I wanted to showcase my vocals and show people what I could do. I also want to inspire others to never abandon their dreams,” Singer remarked.

'Trail Of Flowers' - Sierra Ferrell

Ferrell released new LP today, which features hit songs "Fox Hunt" and other incredibly stunning cross-genre singles that bring her effervescence to life.

"I Got You Covered" - Lil' Skinny 

"Best For Me" - Joyner Lucas and Jelly Roll

Lucas and Jelly Roll have created an absolute masterpiece, detailing the hard feelings of loving someone through their addictions. Jelly has always been passionate about this topic, but this song is genuine and vulnerable, and Jelly Roll is at his best. Lucas' incredible video direction, performance, and songwriting make this a standout single.

"Runaway Cowboy" - HALIE

Inspired by the struggles of those who find themselves pushing away loved ones due to their own internal battles, "Runaway Cowboy" serves as a heartfelt anthem for the broken-hearted. HALIE shines on the track with her classic country-pop sound, while keeping the lyrics fresh and poignant.

"Wildflower and Barley" - Hozier and Allison Russell

Hozier and Russell make absolute magic on this new track off of Hozier's new LP Unheard, with folky, rootsy goodness intertwined throughout. The combination of the two artists makes for seamless chemistry, and we would love to hear more out of this duo.

"Sick of Dreaming" - Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers is back with another sweeping, dreamy hit. We love Rogers' continually wistful sound, combined with her beautiful pop production to make for a stellar new release.

"Slow It Down" - Benson Boone

"Here I Am" - Caryn Dixon

Drawing inspiration from life's trials and triumphs, Dixon's new single embodies the essence of resilience and determination. The song is hopeful and inspiring and soars with the combination of her impassioned delivery.

"Obsessed" - Olivia Rodrigo

Queen Liv is back and with an exciting music video to boot. She sings with angst about her boyfriend's ex, "I've seen every movie she's been in, and, oh God, she's beautiful." She continues, "She's got those lips, she's got those hips / The life of every fuckin' party / She's talented, she's good with kids / She even speaks kindly about me." The video only adds to the narrative, a visual feast for anyone and a true testament to Rodrigo's aesthetic.

Photo Credit: @sierraelizabethferrell on Instagram.


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