New Music Friday: Zach Bryan, Morgan Wallen, Quavo & Lana Del Rey, Childish Gambino, Lainey Wilson, and More

Discover the latest hits from Zach Bryan, Morgan Wallen, Kesha, Childish Gambino, and Killer Mike. This week's releases feature genre-blending collaborations and fresh country favorites that you'll love.

by Gabbi Calvert - Jul 05 2024

Welcome to another edition of New Music Friday with Fandom Daily. This week, we’re diving into the latest releases from some of your favorite artists, including Zach Bryan, Eminem, Quavo and Lana Del Rey, and Morgan Wallen. From genre-blending collabs like no other and comebacks from several major artists, this week is stacked for all music fans.

"28" - Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan’s latest track, "28," is a deeply personal ballad about growth, passion, and the passage of time. The song captures Bryan’s signature emotive storytelling, blending nostalgia with a sense of hope. The lyrics describe a journey of self-discovery, touching on themes of finding solace and home amid life's challenges.

From the very first verse, where Bryan vividly describes hopping on a train to the south side of Boston, listeners are immediately hooked. Bryan perfectly encapsulates the journey of life and those key moments that define who we are. The haunting line, "twenty-eight years of blood I was lost in," speaks volumes about his tumultuous quest for love and self-acceptance, hitting home for anyone who has faced similar challenges. The song's introspective lyrics and raw, emotive delivery truly highlight Bryan's evolution as an artist, showcasing his incredible ability to forge a deep, personal connection with his fans. This track isn't just a song; it's a heartfelt experience that resonates on so many levels.

"Tobey" - Eminem (feat. Big Sean and Babytron)

Eminem’s "Tobey" is a hard-hitting track that showcases his lyrical prowess and storytelling ability. The production features a blend of classic hip-hop beats with a modern twist, making it a standout in his recent releases. Eminem delivers with his signature rapid-fire delivery, addressing themes of resilience and overcoming obstacles. His bars are tightly wound and playful, making pointed references to his standing in the rap game and addressing past controversies with clever jabs. Lines like “Now my estates in the building, and bitch, I done slept on more floors than the Empire State Building,” highlight his braggadocious yet introspective style.

"Tough" - Quavo and Lana Del Rey

An eccentric yet successful collaboration, "Tough" by Quavo and Lana Del Rey, merges hip-hop and ethereal pop. Quavo's rhythmic verses and Lana’s hauntingly beautiful vocals create a captivating contrast. The track explores themes of vulnerability and strength, making it both a poignant and powerful listen.

"Lies Lies Lies" - Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen’s "Lies Lies Lies" is a country anthem that tackles themes of betrayal and deception. The song features Wallen’s signature raspy vocals and a catchy, guitar-driven melody. Its relatable lyrics and energetic chorus make it a track that will resonate with contemporary country music fans.

"Ever Seen" - beabadoobee

"Ever Seen" by immense talent beabadoobee is a dreamy, indie-pop track that showcases her talent for crafting nostalgic and emotionally resonant music. The song features lush instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics that explore themes of love and longing. Beabadoobee’s ethereal vocals float effortlessly over the instrumentation, creating a serene listening experience.

"JOYRIDE" - Kesha

Kesha’s "JOYRIDE" is an upbeat and liberating anthem that captures the essence of carefree adventures and living in the moment. The track’s infectious energy and catchy hooks are a testament to Kesha’s ability to create feel-good pop music that resonates with a wide audience — something she has always been masterful at doing for her fans.

"Hurt" - OneRepublic

OneRepublic's new single "Hurt" from their upcoming album Artificial Paradise is a vibrant track that embodies the band's signature style with a classic, catchy hook that fans have come to love. This song perfectly blends the band's ability to create fun, memorable melodies with deep emotional themes.

"4x4xU" - Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson's latest single, "4x4xU," is an empowering country anthem that radiates confidence and independence. This track stands out with its infectious chorus and vibrant instrumentation, making it impossible not to sing along. The lively beat and dynamic arrangement perfectly frame Wilson's distinctive, powerhouse vocals, showcasing her ability to convey a sense of self-reliance and empowerment through music.

"4x4xU" is more than just a song; it's a celebration of personal strength and resilience. Lainey Wilson's charismatic delivery infuses the track with a spirited energy that uplifts and inspires listeners. Her unique blend of modern country flair and nostalgic elements creates a refreshing and fun listening experience that resonates deeply with fans.

"HUMBLE ME" - Killer Mike

Killer Mike’s "HUMBLE ME" is a raw and introspective track that delves into personal growth and humility. The song features powerful lyrics and a stripped-down production that highlights Killer Mike’s emotive delivery. Its reflective nature and honest storytelling make "HUMBLE ME" a compelling addition to his body of work.

“Whiskey Pistol” - Lil’ Skinny

The opening riff of "Whiskey Pistol" sets the tone with a punchy, rebellious vibe, immediately standing out in the best way. Lil' Skinny's raw, gravelly vocals and southern-rock delivery make the whole song, pulling you into his world with an electrifying performance. His voice drips with attitude and authenticity, and his personality truly shines through his music. The chorus is insanely catchy, a perfect blend of melody and grit that you’ll be humming long after the song ends.

That’s it for this week’s New Music Friday – be sure to check out these tracks and add them to your playlist. Stay tuned for more updates every week on Fandom Daily.

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